Webdevelopment, e-shop systems, aplications

Leo Roar s.r.o. is offering you webdevelopment, design of websites, web aplications, e-shops, webdesign, graphic, mobile aplications, CRM, intranet, extranet, CMS, corporate identity, SEO, PPC, online marketing and other advertising services.

Webdevelopment, e-shop systems, aplications

We will provide with complex managment of your marketing campaigns and web development.

E-shop systems

Leor allows you to ease manage your shop, e-shop, e shop with lost of modules and additional functions.

Webdesign a graphic design

We realize web design and graphic design for websites, e-shops, promotional materials, business cards, car stickers and other marketing promotional materials.

MARKETING and advertisement

The most effective web creation and web pages online and offline applications, intranets, CRM, online marketing and advertising.

We create unique creative reliable engaging trendy perfect unique web solutions

Our websites and e-shops are your path to success.


Most often we huntin following spheres

  • Design of websites

    Programming your websites and adding texts is by far not the end of our service. We will embellish your websites with the ability to hunt down a myriad business opportunities.

    • from the first scratch up to final testing
    • small presentations as well as extensive web projects
    • creating web content management systems
    Design of websites
  • Programming & graphic design

    None of your ideas will be refused with a resolving no. Our goal is to help you grow in your business and this is only possible through sophisticated projects with original vision.

    • web development
    • wireframe design
    • systems and applications according to customer requirements
  • E-shop development with related services

    Our services are not provided on the basis of template reproduction. We will create a top-level e-shop exactly according to your demands and your preys will therefore be even bigger than ever before. We do not say “It is impossible - We do not know how to do it - We do not want it”. You will hear a resounding “YES!” from us even when you have raised the most complex requirements.

    • made-to-measure e-shop development
    • synchronisation with item search engines
    • interconnection with accounting system and stock records
    E-shop development with related services


  • hosting90 - web development
  • Html-Factory - web development
  • StavímeRádi - web development
  • Place for your project
  • Hosting90.cz

    We have completely changed the face of it by improving the whole corporate identity, from the drafts of new advertising materials up to the development of an authentic website, which is superior to others owing not only to its stylish colours but also to sophisticated animations.

    • Graphic design
    • HTML/CSS
    • E-mail/Newsletter
    Open the website
  • Html-Factory.cz

    Since HTML Factory hunts in highly dangerous waters full of competition armed to the teeth, we created a brand-new website thanks to which you will always be a hunter - never a prey.

    • Graphic design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Made-to-measure content management system
    Open the website
  • StavímeRádi.com

    Stavímerádi.cz: Thanks to the individually developed website and modern graphic design, the clients hunt significantly more clients than ever before. In addition we have also equipped the websites with certain made-to-measure content management system.

    • Graphic design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Printed matters, flyers, car prints
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  • Your project?

    Thanks to our long experience with a big group of freelancers we can brag about tens of other projects. However, this is a free space reserved for you. Do not worry, we do not bite - at most we will thoughtfully bite into your project!

    We can offer:

    • Banner stands
    • Corporate websites
    • Comprehensive e-shops and related services
    • Elaborate graphic design of your brand

About us

  • We are creative
  • We love challenges and our service
  • We use the latest technologies
  • Our team
  • We are creative

    Rather than sticking to stereotypes we seek a new creative way which we could use to boost the project towards success. Our website development will ensure that your clients will be coming back with excitement.

  • We love challenges and our service

    We like clients who stand by what they want. We enjoy our service and we like to broaden the horizons of conventional web design. We are a well-coordinated team of experienced professionals who consider “average” a completely foreign word.

  • We use the latest technologies

    Hunting in old well-known waters does not bring us pleasure, we give precedence to the latest trends and innovative technologies. For each project we search for the most suitable tools, which help us achieve perfection.

  • Our team

    Do not be prey to your competition, thanks to our solutions you will become hunters!
    We will help you prevail over the internet wilderness...

Contact us!

Take the first step towards your new exceptional websites and become a member of our pack!

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